WWW-TALA 2013-07-12

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What Went Well

  • The different discussions were very good
  • Reinout had prepared well for the code review discussion, made very good points
  • The code review was well done, also the fact that immediate notes were taken about all improvements with clear intention to improve the software
  • Freek's lightning discussion was well thought out
  • The Detailed Clinical Models talk was a good subject
  • The Diversity of the subjects of the day was good
  • The "topic sandwich" with applications at beginning and end, and IT subjects in between was interesting.

Take A Look At

  • The omicsFusion should be re-used outside of the plant domain. Contact Richard for more information!
  • The attendance (July....) was lower than usual, and tapering off towards the end of the meeting
  • Eduroam was not available, causing some people grief.