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Rob Hooft

Dr. Rob W.W. Hooft

Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre

Chief Technology Officer BioAssist




I started at NBIC 1st of September 2009 with two main tasks:

  1. Set up a group that will take up software packages from different sources mainly inside NBIC to develop them further into a cohesive, well documented and maintainable platform.
  2. Advise different BioAssist groups on software development that optimizes the cohesiveness of all NBIC generated tools.


I was trained as a structural chemist at the Utrecht University and got my PhD on research concerning structure-activity relationships of sweet tasting compounds. I worked on protein structure verification for 4 years as a postdoc at EMBL in the biocomputing department. I then moved to industry (in 1997), where I first worked as a programmer of scientific application software, and later managed a team of diverse R&D personnel.