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=== Current Occupation ===
=== Current Occupation ===
Scientific programmer at [[NBIC]]. A member of [[Central Engineering Team]]. A coordinator of [[proteomics platform]].
Two my major directions are:
Located at [[Erasmus Medical Centre]] at department of [http://www.onderzoekinformatie.nl/en/oi/nod/organisatie/ORG1236926/ medical informatics]. A part of [http://www.biosemantics.org/index.php?page=dmitry-katsubo BioSemantics] group.
* Scientific programmer at [[NBIC]]. A member of [[Central Engineering Team]]. A coordinator of [[proteomics platform]].
* A part of [http://www.biosemantics.org/index.php?page=dmitry-katsubo BioSemantics] group, located at [[Erasmus Medical Centre]],  department of [http://www.onderzoekinformatie.nl/en/oi/nod/organisatie/ORG1236926/ medical informatics].
==== Projects ====
==== Projects ====

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Information about Dmitry Katsubo

Dmitry Katsubo.jpg

Contact information

Mobile phone: +31 65 196-30-34

E-mail: dmitry.katsubo(at)nbic.nl

ICQ: 30384955

Other Profiles: LinkedIn, MyExperiment

Skype: dmitry.katsubo

Personal information

Birth place and date: Republic of Belarus, Gomel, 4th of September, 1980

Family status: single

Years of work experience in IT: 8

Education organization and faculty: Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of Belarusian State University

Education Degree: Master of Science, diploma title: "Using openMosix clustering system for the distributed computations"

Current Occupation

Two my major directions are:


Storage Service for EU-ADR project This webservice runs on top of an triple store and provides a number of pre-cooked queries to the store. The triple store has been filled by mining texts from PubMed, Drugbank, DailyMed for the relations. Also this is a complete web service to get all targets (genes, proteins, enzymes, etc.) that are related to a drug-event pair. Source databases are: Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs, Martindale, DRUGDEX, SPCs, and Physician Desk Reference.

Peregrine: The main goal of this project is to parse the input text and search for predefined terms. The term may refer one or several concepts and Peregrine tries to disambiguate them. On the last stage Peregrine builds the semantic relations based on position in the sentence.