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As soon as we have a reasonable list, I can setup a Doodle poll. --Pieter van Beek

Notice: Hosting a repository within the domain is required. -- MvD

Probable Candidates

  • Atlassian Jira Studio
    • Free licensing for non profit and academic institutions. Hosting required.
      • AFAICS Jira is free for non-profit organisations, but Jira Studio isn't. --Pieter van Beek
    • Doesn't have SCM! --Pieter van Beek
      • There are many plugins providing VCS integration to link commits to bug resolvements (like the SVN plugin) and there are also several plugins to integrate JIRA into your IDE (Eclipse, Intellij). JIRA really is the most full featured platform in my opinion and I have used it for 2.5 years at my previous employer with Perforce integration. It definitely has my vote... --Jeroen Wesbeek
        • Are these plugins available for Jira as well, or only for Jira Studio? --Pieter van Beek
      • It does not have integrated e.g. SVN support, but that is not a problem, as SCM is an "invisible horse". Maybe ACL for SCM might be a problem... --Dmitry Katsubo.
        • Could you explain what you mean by "invisible horse"? I want to be able to browse through revisions, changesets and side-by-side diffs. --Pieter van Beek
    • Use with no hosting? --Dmitry Katsubo
  • RedMine
    • Open source, hosting required
  • Google code
    • No hosting required.
    • I don't think GoogleCode allows us to create our own, distinctively stylized, BioAssist project group. --Pieter van Beek