Suggestions for Programmers Meeting Topics

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This is a wiki page. Please feel free to add topics, either for yourself or for someone else to present.

Proposed Talks

Subject Who Planned Date?
Grid basics
Despautism Barend Mons
The user authentication mechanism "virtual passport".
Technical writing practice & user manual tooling (e.g. DITA, Doxygen)
OpenAM Robert Horlings?
Federation and Semantic Views of data using SWObjects M. Scott Marshall
The Biology behind the NGS task force, with an idea of the data involved.
The Biology behind the biobanking task force, with an idea of the data involved.
Hibernate or similar platforms
JQuery / YUI / Dojo
The do's and don'ts of Graphical User Interfaces (see Gui Bloopers)
Agile / Scrum
Software development methods (e.g. TDD)
Maven-like technologies (general applicability)
Guava (suggested by Reinout van Schouwen)
Cloud computing
SA-REST and SA-WSDL (SA = Semantic Annotation) Paul Groth?
RDFa (embedding RDF in HTML), and microformats  ?
Social network technology and your software
MySQL vs Drizzle vs mariaDB
Continuous Integration (and testing)*
ToPoS hands-on, prototype implementations for programming-language specific ToPoS APIs Pieter van Beek
Metabolomics platform, groovy/grails hands-on
An even more detailed Galaxy hands-on
Long term governance of bioinformatics projects Kees van Bochove
Seven sins of bioinformaticians (suggested by Jan van Haarst) Machiel Jansen
Future of personal genomics (suggested by Jan van Haarst) Maybe in a NGS meeting that coincided with exome-sequencing discussion
RSS / Google Reader Kees van Bochove
Git vs SVN
How to create simple pipelines on the commandline using e.g. GNU make (suggested by Jan van Haarst) Jeroen Laros March 2012
How to distribute software:
  • Packing JAR's and WAR's
  • Building DEB's and RPM's
  • What to pay attention to for "plain binary" distributions
Building using Maven/Ant and/or make/autoconf
Professionalising software - lessons learned by the BET

Subject Series

  • Work methods
    • Learning resources (we had Podcasts and videos). To get: RSS/Reader
    • (Self) Management (we had time management with GTD)
  • Biology behind .... (we had proteomics and metabolomics): To get: biobanking
  • Programming techniques
    • Design patterns (we had factory, pipeline, dependency injection, and others).
    • New libraries and technologies (we had hadoop, groovy/grails): OpenAM, NetBeans, Guava, Hibernate
    • Semantic data frameworks: Jena/Triplizer (Andra), Bioclipse (Egon), Conceptwiki endpoint (Kees), Publishing Nanopublications (Erik/Christine)
  • Existing infrastructure
    • HW (we had grid, cloud)
    • Practical how to use them (we had ToPoS): IBIS
  • System administration (we had security):