Proteomics pipelines

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Corra workflow

Corra workflow

NBIC IBM workflow

NBIC IBM workflow

DAF IBM workflow

DAF IBM workflow

Sharing the workflows

Shared creatly account (will be published in wiki as well):

  • user:
  • pass: Njo27B

Use the following procedure for sharing the diagrams:

  1. Register your own account at creatly.
  2. Draw a diagram.
  3. Add "" as a collaborator

If somebody want to contribute he has to:

  1. Login as "" with password above.
  2. Make changes & save.

Deliverable 1 proposal

The proposal is a simplified version of the pipeline.

NBIC IBM workflow

Issues to discuss:

1- Who are the responsible developers for each step? 2- How far are we in adopting APML format in each of these steps? 3- What kind of data is supported in the first two steps? MS^E, centroid peaks? 4- How are the alignments reported in the "Feature Alignment" step?


- We want to compare the results and the performance of this workflow against a similar workflow running in the commercial Progenesis software.


- We need test data: Twan (WUR/PRI) will work on this once the issues above are addressed - Validation of the workflow: Twan will run the comparison with Progenesis - more...


- Discuss integration tests dates and a delivery date.