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(BioAssist Meetings 2009)
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[[Media:Rt-demo.pdf|Rob Hooft's screenshots of the RT Project Management system]]
[[Media:Rt-demo.pdf|Rob Hooft's screenshots of the RT Project Management system]]
[[Media:Swertz_Data_Model_primer_2009-10-22.ppt‎ |Morris Swertz presentation on open source data models]]
|18 September 2009
|18 September 2009

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All scientific programmers working for BioAssist attend a monthly gathering with as primary goal to encourage collaboration and communication.

Location: SURF foundation Google map

Hojel City Center, gebouw D (5th floor)
Graadt van Roggenweg 340
3531 AH  Utrecht             T 030 234 66 00
Postbus 2290                 F 030 233 29 60
3500 GG UTRECHT              E info@surf.nl


BioAssist Meetings 2009

If you did speak at one of the past meetings and your slides do not contain unpublished materials, please upload them to the wiki and put a link in this table.

Date Links
18 December 2009
13 November 2009 Agenda
23 October 2009 Agenda

Rob Hooft's screenshots of the RT Project Management system

Morris Swertz presentation on open source data models

18 September 2009 Tjeerd Abma (NMC DSP - Metabolomics presentation, Grails/work approach)
21 August 2009
24 July 2009
19 June 2009
15 May 2009 Jan Bot (Tips & Tricks presentation)

Michael Moorhouse (Programming without programming)

Michael Moorhouse (Storable example)

17 April 2009

Machiel Jansen (SARA) (Taverna Grid and Web Services)

Richard Holland (Slides on Java API TavernaGrid. These slides are in Open Office format.)

Ingo Wassink (RShell tutorial)

20 March 2009
20 february 2009

Joost de Groot (File:NBIC BIOASSIST 20feb2009.ppt)

Pieter van Beek ( About URIs, RDF, and OWL)

23 January 2009

M. Heuvel ( Presentation)

P. van Beek (Packaging) (ToPos)

Barbera van Schaik ( Presentation)

BioAssist Meetings 2008

Date Links
21 November 2008

J. Bot (Ibidas Overview)

A. Georgiou (Installing the vl-e browser for use on the grid)

17 October 2008

T. Abma (Metabolomics)

M. Roos ('A biologist in e-Science?')

15 September 2008

M. Jansen (Engineering workflow elements)

A. Georgiou (ProteoPipes)

M.A. Swertz (Molgenis)

Other Presentations

Date Location Presenters
14 january 2009 NPC H.v.d. Toorn, A.Georgiou (Draft class diagram of data model for NPC library)