Peregrine Architecture Specification

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Peregrine API

The collaboration between interfaces and some of implementation packages are displayed on this diagram:

Peregrine API Diagram.png

Implementation details

  • OntologyDB is using Spring JDBC library.
  • PeregrineWS is build using Spring-WS technology.
Comparison of ontology implementations
Features DBOntologyImpl[1] SingleFileOntologyImpl[2] FileFlyweightProcessingOntologyImpl [3] CompoundOntologyImpl[4]
Is modifiable ontology + +
Is flyweight processing ontology + + +
Can handle UTF-8 data + + +
Can read compressed data +

Peregrine Add Remove Concept Sequence Diagram.png

Peregrine Subprojects

Peregrine packaging is depicted on this diagram:

Peregrine Packaging Diagram.png
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