Peregrine Architecture Specification

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Peregrine API

The collaboration between interfaces and some of implementation packages are displayed on this diagram:

Peregrine API Diagram.png

Implementation details

  • OntologyDB is using Spring JDBC library.
  • PeregrineWS is build using Spring-WS technology.

Ontology backends

Comparison of ontology interface implementations
Features DBOntologyImpl[1] SingleFileOntologyImpl[2] FileFlyweightProcessingOntologyImpl [3] CompoundOntologyImpl[4]
Is modifiable ontology + +
Is flyweight processing ontology + + +
Can handle UTF-8 data + + +
Can read compressed data +

Typical flows

Please, check details about indexing process to discover more about how Peregrine searches for concepts and disambiguation steps to learn more about concept disambiguation.

Peregrine Add Remove Concept Sequence Diagram.png

Peregrine Subprojects & Packaging

Peregrine Packaging Diagram.png

Reference List

  1. org.erasmusmc.data_mining.ontology.impl.db.DBOntologyImpl
  2. org.erasmusmc.data_mining.ontology.impl.file.SingleFileOntologyImpl
  3. org.erasmusmc.data_mining.ontology.impl.file.FileFlyweightProcessingOntologyImpl
  4. org.erasmusmc.data_mining.ontology.impl.CompoundOntologyImpl