Other software for Proteomics

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MRM/SRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring/Selected Reaction Monitoring)

  1. MRMer
  2. MRMaid
  3. Skyline
  4. MaRiMba Part of TPP (Trans-Proteomic Pipeline)

PTMs (Post-Translational Modifications)

  1. Ascore
  2. Slomo
  3. MS-Alignment (Blind search)
  4. PhosCalc
  5. Modificomb (Blind search)
  6. OpenSea (Blind search)
  7. ModMap (Blind search)

Other software

  1. MassSpecWavelet
  2. mMass
  3. Database on Demand. Web tool to generate custom FASTA files for peptide identification.

See also the portal page for the Proteomics task force.