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Jan van Haarst

Profile on networks: LinkedIn, myExperiment

Matt Hestand

Profile on networks: LinkedIn, myExperiment


Profile on networks: LinkedIn, myExperiment


Profile on networks: LinkedIn, myExperiment

Barbera van Schaik

Profile on networks: LinkedIn[1], myExperiment[2], Website[3]

Sequence platforms: Roche FLX/Titanium, ABI Solid (I have experience with the roche platform, my colleague is working with solid data)

Software I often use: blat (local and on grid), blast (on grid), roche package, celera assembler (cabog), R (graph package)

Sequence applications I (have) work(ed) on:

  • Basic stuff: group sequences per MID, count things, run existing analysis software
  • Gene (splicing) variant detection
  • Metagenomics
  • Sequence assembly of bacteria strains

Programming language / IT platforms:

  • Perl and shell scripting
  • Linux, Dutch grid (EBioInfra[4], VBrowser, Moteur)

Morris Swertz

Profile on networks: LinkedIn[5], myExperiment[6], UMC Groningen [7] European Bioinformatics Intitute [8]

Sequence platforms: Illumina.

Software that we use: Galaxy, Molgenis, Bowtie, Illumina pipeline, Taverna (and more in other platforms)

Application developed: SequenceLIMS with Joris. Some more info at

Programming language / IT platforms:

  • Programming languages: Java, Tomcat, MySQL, PHP, Freemarker, Shell scripting, Taverna
  • Linux, Windows, Mac