NGS Generic Pipeline meeting on 4-2-2010

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Time & Location

12:00-15:30, 4 Febuary 2010

NIBI office. Utrecht


  1. Discussion on a generic pipeline structure to accommodate different modules used in different stages of sequence analysis, e.g. filtering, alignment, reporting, visualization.
  2. Define a set of standard file formats as the interface between different modules.
  3. If time permit, the wishlist on tool/software evaluation.
  4. If time permit, a joint show case demonstrator.


  • Jan van Haarst (WUR)
  • Matt Hestand (LUMC, Leiden)
  • Leon Mei (NBIC, Rotterdam)
  • Barbera van Schaik (AMC, Amsterdam)
  • Joris Lops (UMCG, Groningen) (via Skype)
  • Frans Paul Ruzius (Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht)
  • Wilfred van IJcken (EMC, Rotterdam)
  • Stephan Nouwens (EMC, Rotterdam)
  • Andrew Stubbs (EMC, Rotterdam)