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* Stephan Nouwens ([[EMC]], Rotterdam)
* Stephan Nouwens ([[EMC]], Rotterdam)
* Andrew Stubbs ([[EMC]], Rotterdam)
* Andrew Stubbs ([[EMC]], Rotterdam)
== Output ==
* [[High throughput sequencing: Generic pipeline]]
* [[High throughput sequencing: Inventory]]

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Time & Location

12:00-15:30, 4 Febuary 2010

NIBI office. Utrecht

  • The location is in NIBI's meeting room (http://www.nibi.nl/articles/contact). Once you arrive by train to Utrecht CS, follow the sign to "Godebaldkwartier". At the end there is a rotating door (next to Hema and AH). Pass the door and you turn left. There is a door with a sign above says "Trindeborch". You walk through the door (you will walk behind Hema) to the end. Then you can ring the bell of NIBI to get into the building. NIBI office is on 7th floor.


  1. List softwares/tools/fileformats used in each group.
  2. Discussion on a generic pipeline structure to accommodate different modules used in different stages of sequence analysis, e.g. filtering, alignment, reporting, visualization.
  3. Define a set of standard file formats as the interface between different modules.
  4. Identify a wishlist on tool/software evaluation.
  5. Discuss a joint show case demonstrator.


  • Jan van Haarst (WUR)
  • Matt Hestand (LUMC, Leiden)
  • Leon Mei (NBIC, Rotterdam)
  • Barbera van Schaik (AMC, Amsterdam)
  • Joris Lops (UMCG, Groningen) (via Skype)
  • Victor Guryev (Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht)
  • Frans Paul Ruzius (Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht)
  • Wilfred van IJcken (EMC, Rotterdam)
  • Stephan Nouwens (EMC, Rotterdam)
  • Andrew Stubbs (EMC, Rotterdam)