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(People that want to take part)
(People that want to take part)
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|Henk van den Toorn
|Henk van den Toorn

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NBIC will be organising a hackathon 13,14 April 2011.



One of the the goals of the this hackathon is to get a chance to try out agile software development methods. Many programmers in NBIC work either alone or in small groups where the agile process is not really practiced. Therefore, we thought that if we can have hackathon projects with about 7-9 team members we could try out some of the agile strategies such as pair programming, sprints, etc.

Right now, we have 3 proposed projects and enough interested people in each project to be able to test the agile process. If you have another project in mind, it is fine to add it to the list but please add enough detail to make it easy to understand, so that we can try and recruit an agile team interested in working on it. The more projects and people the better!

A second important goal for the hackathon is to introduce people to people and people to other projects that may interest them. Because this is a goal, there is no problem with joining a project with which you are not very familiar but are interested in learning about. In each project there will be some people with extensive knowledge about the software and other people with little or no knowledge. Both types of people are needed, so add your name to the list now!

Venue and rules

Location: Farm house in Belgium very near the Dutch border. We will arrange transport from Maastricht train station. Please try to arrive at the train station between 8:00-9:00am.


  • All participants must stay the whole duration of the hackathon. No escape (but really why would you want to..?)
    • Bed and breakfast before the hackathon available for participants coming from far.
  • We work through 6 sprints of 3 hours. Last sprint is preparation of the presentation, including video.
    • 10:00-13:00, 13:00-16:00, 16:00-19:00 on the first day, optional 21:00-24:00
    • 8:00-11:00, 11:00-14:00, 14:00-17:00 on the second day
  • Project backlog must be prepared before the meeting
  • Timing of a 3 hour sprint

Projects for the hackathon

There are several proposals for projects:

Some people have suggested to use Scala as the language of choice for this hackathon (or one of its subprojects). Obviously, some self-study would be required for those who want this before the hackathon starts.

People that want to take part

Number Name Association Project Confirmed? Arriving the 12th?
1 Wil Koetsier Groningen Galaxy Confirmed Yes
2 Marcel Kempenaar NBIC Galaxy Will not come
Morris Swertz UMCG GSCF-MOLGENIS integration Will not come; will be at imputation day
3 Erik Roos UMCG GSCF-MOLGENIS integration Confirmed Yes
4 Rob Hooft NBIC Galaxy confirmed No, will take the 5:44 train to arrive at 8:34 (or 9:04 if that fails)
5 Kees Burger NBIC Human computation confirmed
6 Christine Chichester NBIC Human computation confirmed yes
7 Alex Bossers WUR Galaxy Confirmed No, will take the 1st train to arrive around 8:30 (or 9:05 if it fails)
8 Leon Mei NBIC Galaxy Will not come due to moving
9 Rutger Brouwer EMC Galaxy Not yet
10 Andra Waagmeester Maastricht University Human computation confirmed
11 Jahn Saito Maastricht University Not yet
12 Bharat Singh EMC Human computation Yes 12th evening by train
Alec Tonbridge Manchester Human computation Will not come. He does not start for Manchester until mid May
13 Tjeerd Abma UMC Utrecht GSCF-MOLGENIS integration confirmed
14 Jeroen Wesbeek TNO Zeist GSCF-MOLGENIS integration confirmed yes
15 Siemen Sikkema UvA GSCF-MOLGENIS integration confirmed yes
16 Reinout van Schouwen LUMC confirmed
17 Frans Paul Ruzius Hubrecht, Utrecht Galaxy confirmed
18 Freek de Bruijn NBIC Galaxy confirmed yes
19 Kostas Karasavvas NBIC / LUMC Not yet
20 Kees van Bochove NBIC GSCF-MOLGENIS integration Yes
21 Martijn Vermaat LUMC confirmed
22 Henk van den Toorn UU Galaxy confirmed