NBIC Galaxy Server: Next Update Requests

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This is a list of update requests on NBIC Galaxy server. They will be discussed prior to the next scheduled monthly update (First Monday of every month):

  1. Update galaxytools to include MS PRUNA (Rotterdam) (Fixed dependencies, but MS PRUNA not in galaxytools repo yet...)
    • waiting for publication
  2. Migrated R to 2.13.0, but need functional tests for statistical tools developed by Carsten Byrman (AMC | proteomics)
  3. Enabling the test framework, so we'll get notified quickly if something breaks (after maintenance). (taken by Leon)
  4. Adding support for web services
    Using the "Suite of Web Service Addition Tools" provided by the University of Georgia (Galaxy community site -> Data source category (http://community.g2.bx.psu.edu/))
  5. Enabling reports.
  6. Add support of Taverna. (taken by Kostas)
  7. Add hg19 for GMAP (requester: David A. Matthews).
  8. Add tools required by Phil Barnett (details in the email attachment)
  9. Enable API support for the CTMM TraIT demo.
  10. Resolve kept back package: python-rpy r-base r-base-core r-recommended - this means sorting out at what level R needs to be and pinning packages to testing if necessary.