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You can access the Andromeda server at http://galaxy.nbic.nl/


Please see NBIC Galaxy Server: Current Tools for a list of main tools installed at the NBIC Galaxy server.

Usage Policy

Anyone can register and create an account. Creating a user account allows a Galaxy user to save and restore old histories, share their analysis with other Galaxy users.

  • Limits of (upload) data file size

Each registered user has maximum 10GB disk space. Each anonymous user has maximum 10MB disk space. If you need more space to store your data, please consult the maintenance team.

  • Forced disk clean up

In the event of running out of disk space, we may have to contact users to clean their histories/datasets (by emails). So, please use your regular email address during the registration. It is best to use your official email address so that we know whether you are a NBIC member or not. We will provide a better service level for the NBIC members on data storage.

Share Your Own Modules

Please check NBIC Galaxy Server: Galaxy Module Repository for more information.

Maintenance Team

For questions regarding server maintenance and installing software modules, please contact the maintenance team at nbicgalaxy-admin@trac.nbic.nl. The current team members are Pieter Neerincx (UMCG), Jeroen Laros (LUMC), David van Enckevort (NBIC), Leon Mei (NBIC), Ishtiaq Ahmad (UvA) and Pieter Lukasse (WUR).

Server maintenance


NBIC will do its best to make sure that the service and data at the NBIC Galaxy server is well supported and maintained. But NBIC can in no case be held liable for damages that are the effect of the incorrect outputs or data loss caused by unforeseeable circumstance. Thus, it is advisable that one keeps an extra copy of her/his raw data by herself/himself.