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Brainstorm "Infrastructure" workshop NBIC2013

* subjects
  * Infrastructure, based on use cases like "NFU" data.
  * What are the different needs?
     * Hosting a web site with information
     * Hosting industry-standard software (wiki / trac / etc)
     * Host your software for the lab
     * Host your software for the world (publication)
     * Store local data (temporarily / long term)
     * Local compute service. Dimensioning? And for extreme needs?
  * What can be done locally? What can be done centrally? What can be done commercially?     
  * Helsinki experience
  * What are you doing yourself? What should be left to others?
  * Do you know about IaaS / PaaS / SaaS? Who runs the Helpdesk?
  * Discussion: How is this kind of infrastructure budgetted for? Afterthought?
  * Discussion: How many hours will you be spending on maintenance? Is that ideal?
  * SLA's
  * SSO
  * What does it cost? Compute? Storage? What does it cost when you do it yourself? 
  * Are you setting time for maintenance? Incident response?


  • Who can speak? Who can lead a discussion?


  • Find speakers