List of attendees for the next programmers meeting

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This list is for people attending the April 12, 2013 meeting.

Please add "(absent April 12)" if you will not attend. Please indicate explicitly if you will skip lunch and/or the afternoon drinks.

BioAssist scientific programmers

NBIC staff

  • Freek de Bruijn
  • Kees Burger
  • Marc van Driel
  • David van Enckevort (no lunch)
  • Rob Hooft
  • Yuching Lai
  • Leon Mei
  • Pravin Pawar
  • Michael van Vliet (no lunch, only joining the afternoon session)

Other attendees

  • Niek Bosch (SURFsara)
  • Ke Ji
  • Dennis Hendriksen
  • Erwin Winder
  • Thomas Binsl
  • Pieter Neerincx (UMCG)
  • Mattias de Hollander (NIOO-KNAW)
  • Katy Wolstencroft (no lunch)
  • Wai Yi Leung (LUMC)
  • Martin van den Kerkhoff (LUMC)
  • Wibowo Arindrarto (LUMC)