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  ! Who
  ! Who
  ! What
  ! What
| 12 August 2011
| Bart van Leeuwen (netage / Amsterdam fire department)
| [http://www.vimeo.com/28399055 Open Government data] (web, movie recording on vimeo)
  | 15 July 2011
  | 15 July 2011

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This is a collection of BioAssist lectures for which presentation materials are available on line.

See BioAssist:Meetings for the current meeting schedule.

Date + Occasion Who What
12 August 2011 Bart van Leeuwen (netage / Amsterdam fire department) Open Government data (web, movie recording on vimeo)
15 July 2011 Anne van Kesteren (Opera) HTML5 (web, movie recording on vimeo)
20 May 2011 Rob Hooft (NBIC) How I learned OOP: The pipeline pattern (web, prezi)
15 April 2011 Konstantinos Karasavvas (NBIC) Pipelines and Workflows: Technical Discussion (pdf)
18 March 2011 Ivo Fokkema (LUMC) LOVD (pdf)
18 March 2011 Rutger Brouwer (EMC) Chip-seq analysis and the pipeline in NBIC Galaxy (pdf)
18 February 2011 Maarten Kooyman (NBIC BRS) Using Raphael for the spectral tree project (pdf)
21 January 2011 Peter-Bram 't Hoen (LUMC) RNA sequencing: technology and application (pdf)
17 December 2010 Robert Kraaij (EMC) Using NGS technologies in population based study (pdf)
17 December 2010 Harm Nijveen (WUR) Visualisation for NCSB (pdf)
17 December 2010 Reinout van Schouwen (LUMC) Apache Wicket Intro) and Hands-on (pdf)
19 November 2010 Kees van Bochove (NBIC) Data interoperability (pdf)
15 October 2010 Despoina Antonakaki (UMCG) Ontocat/Lucene (ppt, MS Office)
15 October 2010 Kai Ye (LUMC) Pindel Paper on Pubmed
9 July 2010 Jan Bot (TUD) CytoscapeRPC tutorial (pdf)
9 July 2010 Martijn van Iersel (UM) BridgeDb (ppt, MS Office)
11 June 2010 Jan Bot (TUD) 15 million grid jobs (pdf)
11 June 2010 Morris Swertz (UMCG) LIMS Systems intro (ppt, MS Office)
11 June 2010 Kees van Bochove (TNO) GSCF (pdf)
21 May 2010 Pieter Neerincx (UU) Galaxy from developer perspective: Install Modules (pdf)
21 May 2010 Hailiang Mei (Leon) (NBIC) Information Retrieval and Apache Solr Use Case (pdf)
16 April 2010 Kees van Bochove (TNO) Study Capture Framework (pdf)
9 March 2010 Tim te Beek (NBIC BRS) Hudson and Maven (pdf)
19 February 2010 Paul Groth (VU) RDF in practice (ppt, MS Office)
15 January 2010 Jos Koetsier/Jano van Hemert RAPID demo (pdf)
18 December 2009 Morris Swertz (UMCG) MOLGENIS primer (ppt, MS Office)
23 October 2009 Rob Hooft (NBIC) Screenshots of the RT Project Management system (pdf)
23 October 2009 Morris Swertz (UMCG) Open source data models (ppt, MS Office)
18 September 2009 Tjeerd Abma (UMCU) NMC DSP - Metabolomics presentation, Grails/work approach (pdf)
15 May 2009 Jan Bot (TUD) Tips & Tricks presentation (pdf)
15 May 2009 Michael Moorhouse Programming without programming and Storable example (pdf)
17 April 2009 Machiel Jansen (SARA) Taverna Grid and Web Services (ppt, MS Office)
17 April 2009 Richard Holland (Eagle) Java API TavernaGrid (odp, OpenOffice)
17 April 2009 Ingo Wassink RShell tutorial (pdf)
20 February 2009 Joost de Groot (WUR) comparative quantitative LC-MS(2/E) proteomics data analysis (ppt, MS Office)
20 February 2009 Pieter van Beek (SARA) About URIs, RDF, and OWL (Gzipped TAR)
23 January 2009 M. Heuvel Malick (pdf)
23 January 2009 Pieter van Beek (SARA) Packaging and ToPos (pdf)
23 January 2009 Barbera van Schaik (AMC) Handling next generation sequence data on the grid (pdf)
14 January 2009 (NPC) Henk van den Toorn (UU), A.Georgiou Draft class diagram of data model for NPC library (pdf)
21 November 2008 Jan Bot (TUD) Ibidas Overview (pdf)
21 November 2008 A. Georgiou Installing the vl-e browser for use on the grid (pdf)
17 October 2008 Tjeerd Abma (UMCU) Metabolomics (pdf)
17 October 2008 Marco Roos (UvA) A biologist in e-Science? (web, slideshare)
15 September 2008 Machiel Jansen (SARA) Engineering workflow elements (pptx, MS Office)
15 September 2008 A. Georgiou ProteoPipes (pdf)
15 September 2008 Morris Swertz (UMCG) Molgenis (ppt, MS Office)