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As a rule, the Central Engineering Team will not design and build new tools by itself.

The goal is to continue work on tools that are initially developed in the BioAssist or BioRange program and will be valuable to more than the originally intended users.


The Central Engineering Team will be able to continue the development of software developed elsewhere under certain conditions:

  1. The tool is already proven to work. No intellectual problems are left to make it go. Everything publishable has already been done. In principle we will not take any work that could be considered scientifically interesting enough to publish it.
  2. The tool is best of breed, i.e. it is better than other tools that are available. Being open source is a significant improvement over a commercial-only alternative.
  3. The tool is repetitive. There is a use for the tool in other settings.
  4. The development or support is subsidiary. Making it work reliably outside of the original setting, supporting and documenting the tool would be impossible for the group that developed it.
  5. The software can be made available under an open source license. Dual licensing is fine.
  6. The original author is available as a consultant for the project. We will also require contacts to users that can be used as beta testers. (As a compensation, this person will be awarded a travel grant from NBIC).


The priority that we assign to a project depends on:

  1. Applicability for other NBIC Participants or NBIC Partners
  2. Applicability in the domain of Biology or outside
  3. Whether the tool is part of an NBIC workflow or stand-alone
  4. Amount of work to finish the project
  5. Visibility of the project to the world
    1. Power users
    2. Rest of the scientific community
    3. Outside science
  6. Potential commercial value

Process of submitting a new project

If you think you have a project that fits the purpose of the NBIC Factory, send an E-mail about the project to