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This webpage is no longer maintained and only here for archive purposes. Please refer to https://trac.nbic.nl/gscf and http://dbnp.org for up to date information on this project.


As described in the project requirements in section DbNPFeatures#Modules_overview, dbNP employs 'clean data modules' to store omics data. Recall the general dbNP architecture:


The clean data modules store specific omics data and serve them via the clean data layer. The contract of this layer is described in the functional specifications: DbNPFeatures#Biomarker_view. The first drafts of this layer are written, but are not published yet (the chosen technology is RESTful services with JSON messages).

Known submodules

The following table list known initiatives to build dbNP modules, the technical platform that is used and the organisations involved.

Module Link Platform Organisations
Core: study metadata GSCF Quickstart Grails NuGO, NMC, TNO
Core: query module GSCF Quickstart Grails NuGO, BiGCAT
Clinical data module SAM Quickstart Grails NuGO, TNO
Trancriptomics module DbNPCleanTranscriptomicsDatabase Java / JSP / Hibernate / Axis WUR, NGC, NuGO
Metabolomics module NMC Grails NMC
Genetics module DbNPGeneticsModule  ? UCDavis, HNRC@Tufts
Food intake module DbNPFoodIntakeModule  ? several parties from US