CytoscapeRPC 1.4 Release notes

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Release notes CytoscapeRPC 1.4

Functions added

  • getFontFaces: list all the available fonts.
  • saveNetwork: save a network to a gml file.
  • setShowGraphicsDetail: set the detail level.
  • getCytoscapeVersion: does the same as cytoscapeVersion()
  • createNetworkFromSelection: create a new network based on the selection in another network.
  • setLayoutPropertyValues: now also available in a double list variant. Mostly used for R.
  • [get|set]Center: controls the zoom center.
  • [get|set]Zoom: controls the zoom level.
  • createNetwork: can now be used with an additional (boolean) parameter to indicate wether a view should be created.
  • closeNetworkView & closeAllNetworkViews: methods to close one or all views. Keeps the networks alive.
  • getEdgeSourceNodes * getEdgeTargetNodes: get the identifiers of the nodes connected to a particular edge.
  • [get|set] layout property values
  • fitContent & fitSelectedContent: fit the (selected) content of a network in a view.
  • getVisualBypassNames: get the names you need to use in the attribute browser to overwrite a particular visual attribute.
  • setNetworkViewPosition: set the position of a view (the frame) on the Cytoscape desktop.

Bug fixes

  • color parsing
  • setNode(s)Position(s): added error message when setting the location when there is no view available.


Created a new page containing static names and properties in Cytoscape: CytoscapeProperties