CytoscapeRPC 1.3 Release notes

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New functionality

  • raise and resize Cytoscape network windows
  • decouple node width & hight: after doing this you can control the node width and hight seperately from your vizmaps.
  • invert node selection
  • remove selected nodes
  • set selected edges
  • invert edge selection
  • remove selected edges
  • reset rootgraph (Warning: this manually resets the cytoscape rootgraph without restarting Cytoscape. This is not part of the standard Cytoscape functionality so your mileage may vary.)
  • added all the GlobalAppearance modification functions (change background color etc.)
  • retrieve the children, parents and siblings of selected nodes
  • retrieve types of network attributes
  • check if edges / nodes / networks have a certain attribute

Bug fixes

  • a couple of ConcurrentModificationExceptions have been fixed.
  • work around for old JRE versions on MacOS X: the activate option doesn't work. Now catches the error and asks the user to start the plugin anyway.

New functions available for creating vizmappers

  • createDiscreteMapper
  • createPassthroughMapper
  • createContinuousMapper

These functions are intended to replace the other (now deprecated) vizmap functions. The deprecated functions will still be available in version 1.4.

  • createEdgesFromVector has been deprecated in favour of createEdges with the same parameters.