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The hierarchy in this wiki is following two simultaneous paths. Each article is categorized:

Special "double categories" have been set up to support this classification system: Each of these A / B categories is a subcategory of both A and B. This way, the majority of all pages in the wiki are captured by one single category.

For larger projects or tools:

  • If a project or tool is described on multiple pages, then make a subcategory for the project or tool under its own name, and make that a subcat of A / Project or A / Tool
  • The B terms can also be used for specific projects or tools: make subcats <Project> / B where needed, and make that a subcat both of <Project> and B

Shared projects and tools:

  • A project can be shared by two task forces. Just make its category a subcat of <TaskForceA> / Project as well as <TaskForceB> / Project. Similarly, a Tool that is used in multiple task forces can be put in two categories. Alternatively, if a project or tool is shared between task forces just make it part of Category:BioAssist instead.