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Within each of the task forces, all of the pages in the wiki should be brought under the standard category system:

Categories for each task force are:

  • <TaskForceName> / Agendas and Meetings for anything related to meetings of the task force
  • <TaskForceName> / Conventions for describing the way things are done in the task force
  • <TaskForceName> / Events for (semi-)public events in the task force
  • <TaskForceName> / News for News in the task force
  • <TaskForceName> / People and Institutes for anything related to people, institutes and international relationships
  • <TaskForceName> / Project for projects in the task force. If a project has multiple pages, then make a subcategory for the project under its own name, and make that a subcat of <TFN> / Project
  • <TaskForceName> / Tools for tools used by the task force. If a tool is described by multiple pages, then make a subcategory for the tool under its own name.

Each of the A / B categories is a subcategory of both A and B. Make sure to:

  • Use the standard name for the task force
  • Use only these specific subcategories if it can fit at all
  • Use a space before and after the "/"

The B terms can also be used for specific projects: make subcats <Project> / B where needed, and make that a subcat both of <Project> and B

Further hints:

  • A project can be shared by two task forces. Just make it a subclass of <TaskForceA> / Project as well as <TaskForceB> / Project
  • Similarly, a Tool that is used in multiple task forces can be put in two categories.