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Welcome to the Wiki of BioAssist. BioAssist is the support programme of NBIC, the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre. It is a collaboration of biologists and (bio)informaticians in The Netherlands. BioAssist puts people with similar interests together and lets them work on software that works for a wider audience. Our motto is Making Other People's Data Work

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Upcoming events

NBIC's BioAssist has stopped. For future events, please check the wiki of DTL's Data programme

Parts of BioAssist

The different people involved in BioAssist all maintain their own pages on this wiki. There is a Category System that can help everyone find the information they are looking for. You can also start browsing from one of the organisational groups mentioned below.

BioAssist Task Forces

Task Forces on BioAssist are groups of people with similar interests in BioInformatics. They integrate software and databases into a common platform, and talk about common protocols and compatible data storage. The task forces are:

Bioinformatics Research Support

NBIC's Bioinformatics Research Support group (BRS) offered practical help at a project level to life scientists (biologists and clinicians), where bioinformatics is an obstacle in doing research.

BioAssist Engineering Team

The BioAssist Engineering Team supported the task forces to develop professional software and content services. It has a representative in each task force that functions as the technical project leader. The Engineering Team also took up academic software and develops it into more widely usable software. Members of the Engineering Team are now mostly working for different University Medical Centers, where they continue their project leader jobs for DTL.


E-Biogrid used to be a project of BioGrid supporting the Life Sciences. Currently, SURFsara's E-Science Support group helps everyone with e-science, using computing technology from the BiGGrid.