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The NBIC Engineering Team is a part of NBIC that is working as a service, separate from each of the academic groups like the NBIC Office. The function of the team is to support the buildup of a cohesive set of bioinformatics tools.


The NBIC Engineering Team is headed by Barend Mons, supported by Christine Chichester as Chief Content Officer responsible for data and databases, and Rob Hooft as Chief Technology Officer responsible for software development. The team is operated in tight collaboration with the NBIC office (Marc van Driel).

The Engineering Team contains programmers with a training in industrial software design. The software team is managed by Rob Hooft. Other members of the team are Dmitry Katsubo, Bharat Singh and Hailiang Mei


The goals of the NBIC Engineering Team are:

  1. Engineering Team Data: Collection and mining of cohesive data.
  2. Engineering Team Support: Supporting software developers working in the BioAssist program when they have questions regarding interoperability.
  3. Engineering Team Coding:
    1. Continuing the development and support of selected tools developed in any of the BioAssist groups.
    2. Building a CWA infrastructure.