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  1. Paintball - by Jan Bot (kan ook indoor)
  2. Outdoor lasergames - by Pieter van Beek
  3. Indoor Skydiving in Roosendaal (added by Dmitry Katsubo)
  4. Flowboarding in Zoetermeer (added by Dmitry Katsubo)
  5. Horse riding
  6. Exclusive Balloon Flight (added by Dmitry Katsubo)
  7. Carting in Delft (added by Dmitry Katsubo)
  8. Outdoor day at Outdoor Valley Bergschenhoek (near Rotterdam). One or more activities can be chosen. Specific examples:
    1. Indoor / outdoor climbing
    2. Team trail
    3. Mountainbiking
    4. Adventure track
  9. Cooking workshop (just to add some girly stuff, added by Barbera)
  10. Bushcraft day/weekend (added by Barbera)
  11. GPS tour (added by Barbera)
  12. Wine or beer tasting (added by Barbera)

My personal preference is ofcourse climbing. In berschehoek stands a 30 m high replica of the top of the Monte Cervino / Matterhorn which can be climbed (indoor and outdoor). --WimSpee 20:37, 18 January 2010 (CET)


Please note that NBIC can not endorse the undertaking of any risky actions. Our insurance may not really like it if we make accidents. Also, we must be absolutely sure that nobody is forced to take part in any action for "social" reasons, including drinking alcohol!

Proposals compliant with limitations

  1. lasergames
  2. carting
  3. mountainbikining
  4. Cooking workshop
  5. GPS tour
  6. Wine or beer tasting

Time & Place

Organizing team

Once an organizing team would has been formed, I can make sure to allocate some budget to get this off the ground. ;-) Rob Hooft 15:18, 25 January 2010 (CET)