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Do NOT touch this template unless you can understand it completely.

Documentation: The first parameter is the "condition" (can be named "if"); if it's nonempty, the second parameter (can be named "then") is shown, otherwise the third parameter "else" is shown.

NOTE: Named parameters are preferred, because they are not susceptible to problems arising from embedded "=" signs in the data.

Importing from Wikipedia is easy if it uses only the if and ifeq parser functions. You should name each positional parameter (otherwise some templates with embedded = signs may fail mysteriously), then change #if: and #ifeq: to if| and ifeq|. For this template (if), the first parameter is called "if", the second "then" and the third "else".

For example, you need to change

{{#if:{{{1|}}}|<span class="cool">|<span class="hidden">}}


{{if|if={{{1|}}}|then=<span class="cool">|else=<span class="hidden">}}.