SWAT4LS Workshop 2009-11-20

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The Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences workshop was held on 20 Nov 2009 in Science Park, Amsterdam.

Among numerous examples of application of Semantic Web principles in different areas, I found these two presentations connected to NBIC current developments:

  • NeuroLex is a semantic wiki for neuroinformatics, which manages NIF Ontology. Build on top of Semantic MediaWiki it allows to combine free-text and semantic information (tables, lists) in one page using templates. The list of other
  • Prediction of drug-target interactions from literature by context similarity. The software presented is very similar to Anni.

The list of presentations, posters and participants can be downloaded File:SWAT4LS Summary 2009-11-20.tif. Ask Dmitry Katsubo if you need the complete booklet of publications and posters, presented this day.