Proteomics:SARA Meeting on 2010-02-23

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Location and time



The goal of the meeting is to discuss the technical details for DAF installation to the RUG GRID cluster and host warp2d (and any future application). Brief list is following:

  • Web service hosting
  • Portal hosting
  • Storage separated from the GRID
  • Who have which rights to modify (e.g. Ishtiaq and Morris will get sudo right to create account at RUG cluster UI, but they will certainly need other rights to to efficiently running DAF and performing installation of the new version of the DAF etc).
  • One other point to discuss is the status of the first ligthpath installation and usage. The first ligthpath is already connected at SARA but need to be connected too at RUG site. Jeroen and his colleagues had made initiative that make happen, but we need to closely follow-up if it really happen). If the first ligthpath is working until Tuesday, that Ishtiaq and Jeroen could try out how to call with command line mode in order to integrate into DAF.
  • Other think, which could be useful is maybe involve Morris and George, because as far as I know they have arranged separate meeting with SARA to use Gridgrain on the lsgrid clusters.
  • Ishtiaq will explain the architecture of DAF.

Action points

For Pieter:

  • Tomcat 6 + Apache/lighttpd
  • Check mail functionality for PHP (will emails be delivered, if send from CE)

For Jeroen:

  • Create daf account on Unix (done)
  • Setup disk space (done)
  • Open 80/443 ports for whole world
  • Allocate 10TB for daf user

For Ishtiaq:

  • Create personal account on UI via "manager"
  • Register nice name for

For Maarten:

See also DAF Deployment wiki page.