Proteomics:Programmers Meeting on 2010-03-19

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Location and time

  • Location: Hojel City Center, gebouw D (5th floor), Graadt van Roggenweg 340, 3531 AH Utrecht
  • Time: 9:00-10:30



09:00-09:15 Action points from previous meeting.
09:15-10:15 Projects update
10:15-10:30 Future action points & parking lot

Discussion history


  • Corra was installed at Groningen server and Pieter has an account to play with it.
  • George presentation:
    • Working on two clusters installation
    • A cloud should have instance of Resident running to be controlled by JobManager
  • Ishtiaq update on DAF:
    • Working on taskpool service, which is an alternative for Topos
    • Topos has certain inherited limitations (PHP+SQL service), as its an external service not more that 10 concurrent opened connections from same IP. However batch token submissions is possible.
    • Taskpool needs more testing
  • Carsten: Presented WebServices (here and here).
    • Problem: as there is no agreed format on input/output (APML?) the services work with plain strings of data and return the data packaged in ZIP.
    • Suggestion: publish them on BioCatalogue.

Action points


  • need to contact Twan to grab some data for testing
  • writes an email to Corra maillist with APML extension proposal


  • checks, if APML can fit/represent statistical data
  • provides better documentation of WebServices developed

George & Ishtiaq:

  • agree on interface for job submission