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MS/MS protein identification software, available for Linux and Windows, Phenyx is scallable in terms of computing nodes and supports many input data formats. Search results can be exported from MS Excel to XML formats


Phenyx manly comes under two flavor:

  1. PhenyxOnline
  2. PhenyxServer
Name Vendor Description API
PhenyxOnline Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio), SA An online MS/MS protein identification search engine. Software as Service NO
PhenyxServer Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio), SA Identification Server & Client Available in Perl and Java


A web base interface to MS/MS protein identification search. PhenyxOnline is software as a Service. It is an online version of PhenyxServer. Free identification searches with limited data files size are available at PhenyxOnline free search


Mostly written in Perl and Java. PhenyxServer is available for Linux and Windows. Capable to run on clusters (MPI enabled) and supports many input data formats. PhenyxServer allows integration with Bioinformatics pipeline as it uses XML and text files to store and define data, parameters and configuration etc.

With in our BioAssist community, Analytical Biochemistry Research Group from University of Groningen has in house PhenyxServer installation. For BioAssist community it is possible to request a user name by email.