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This webpage is no longer maintained and only here for archive purposes. Please refer to and for up to date information on this project.

The Nutritional Phenotype project

The dbNP ( is a database environment to facilitate storage of biologically relevant, pre-processed –omics data, as well as study descriptive and phenotype data and to enable the combination of this information at different levels (e.g. link phenotype, genotype, food intake, information on study design and -omics measurements and to combine all of this with existing knowledge). The biological information stored in the database (i.e. genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, biomarkers, metabolomics, functional assays, food intake and food composition) is tailored to nutrition research and embedded in an environment of standard procedures and protocols, annotations, modular data-basing, networking and integrated bioinformatics.

The dbNP is an evolving enterprise which is only sustainable if it is accepted and adopted by the wide nutrition and health research community as an open source, pre-competitive and publicly available resource where many partners both can contribute and profit from its developments. Involved parties are NuGO, NMC, TNO, NTC, Eurreca, and NGC.

Open source is not open to everyone if it is only available in one language. The biology and bioinformatics science communities need utilities that are developed in technology neutral standards that can be leveraged by a developer's language of choice. In recognition of this concept, our first step is to find ways to capture study data, and interchange bioinformatics data models, in such a way that all camps can profit from it, be it Java, Grails, Ruby, Python, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

ArrowRight.jpg Want to get cracking immediately? Try GSCF Quickstart.

Questionmark.jpg New to the project? Try our dbNPFAQ. Also have a look at this File:DbNPPoster.pdf and File:GSCF June 2010.pdf. An online demo of the GSCF module can be found at

Project goals

A list of planned features can be found in dbNPFeatures.

A list of (biological) queries that in the end can be asked to the dbNP database can be found in dbNPQueries.

A summary of how dbNP relates to other projects / initiatives can be found in dbNPInspiration.

Project information

Working on the project? Make sure you have read the dbNP Developer guidelines

Here is some information about dbnp IDE configuration

While running or working on the app, here's a page on dbnp troubleshooting

User information can be found in dbNPUsage.

Results of user tests can be found on:

The developer planning can be found in dbNPPlanning.

Summaries of project meetings can be found in dbNPMeetings.

The data model can be found in dbNPDataModel.

More information about the different modules can be found in dbNPModules.

Discussion of authentication models can be found in OpenID Scenario and dbnp token based module integration.

Licensing information can be found at dbNPLicense.

News on the dbNP project is available on gforge.

Technical documentation (e.g. on the ontology widget) is available at dbNP Technical Documentation.