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NMC DSP - Mainpage

This page gives an overview of already available metabolomics (related) software which has been made publicly available by other institutes.

Category Source Description Performance experience
Data processing MZmine 2 MZmine 2 is an open-source project delivering software for metabolomics data processing, with the main focus on LC-MS data. None
Data processing mMass mMass is an open source multi-platform package of simple tools for mass spectrometric data analysis. None
Pre-processing metAlign MetAlign is a software programme for the pre-processing and comparison of full scan nominal or accurate mass LC-MS and GC-MS data. None
Prediction/analysis massXpert Desktop prediction/analysis of mass spectrometric data in proteomic projects by using massXpert. None

External links

  • ms-utils.org - ms-utils.org is a list of free (gratis) software for analysis of mass spectrometry data.