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The metabolomics module (MEMO) should have a workspace for users. A workspace is a physical location on disk where files are stored and can be manipulated/retrieved from. Currently the idea is to let a study have one workspace (1:1). The study owner can give other users/groups access to his study and determine for those users/groups which permissions they have. These permissions are then also applied for the workspace.

Workspaces overview

The workspaces overview shows all workspaces the user has created and/or has access to. Every workspace belongs to a certain study. By clicking on a workspace one can see what data is in the(ir) workspace.

alt Workspace


A workspace shows all datafiles the user has access to and allows the user to manage the data in the workspace. These are actions like moving files around, deleting files and/or creating new files (by importing them). alt Workspace

Workspace create

The user can create new workspaces, by giving it a name and a description and selecting the study to where this workspace should belong to. alt Workspace

Workspaces data importer

The data importer gives the user the ability to import data from an external data (re)source into his workspace. This external (re)source can be FTP, HTTP et cetera. One can also click on the "manage external resources" to add/remove new resources. To import files into the workspace, first a listing is retrieved of the available data on the external data resource. By selecting which files to import into the workspace, the data will then be automatically imported (using some background running scheduler like Quartz or another solution to synchronize?). alt Workspace

Workspaces external data resource manager

In the external data resource manager the user can manage external sites which can be used to import data from into the workspace. Possibly the username/password should be stored separately/hidden instead of in the URI as one string. alt Workspace

Workspaces external data resource create

An external data resource can be created simply by giving it a name and description and the username/password location in one string. alt Workspace