NGS PI Meeting on 26-1-2012

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Time & Location

9:45-16:00, 26 January 2011

Hojel City Center, gebouw D

Meeting room Vk1, 5th floor

Graadt van Roggenweg 340

3531 AH Utrecht


  • Review 2011 activities (especially from the 4 founded positions by NBIC BioAssist program)
  • 2012 plan (We will collaborate with TraIT, CGD and BioWise next year. So they are going to present their plans and we can do a matching between their "wish lists" and the taskforce expertise.)
    • Prioritize on-going tasks
    • Collaboration with CTMM/TraIT
    • Collaboration with Centre of Genome Diagnosis on human exome sequencing
    • Collaboration with BioWise's education activities
    • Personnel/budget

There is no need to read anything before the meeting. But if you have time, you can of course to browse our taskforce wiki to get some updates about the current members and activities.


Time slot Responsible Subject
9:45-10:00 All Coffee
10:00-10:05 Johan den Dunnen Welcome
10:05-10:20 Leon Mei Taskforce high lights in 2011
  • Jan van Haarst
  • Jeroen Laros
  • Victor Guryev
  • Rutger Brouwer
Reports, demos from each work package
12:00-12:45 All Lunch
12:45-13:00 All Evaluation, feedbacks to 2011
13:00-13:20 Rob Hooft DTL & DISC
13:20-13:40 Jan-Willem Boiten CTMM/TraIT's NGS needs
13:40-14:00 Terry Vrijenhoek Standardization of exome-sequencing pipeline for clinical use
14:00-14:10 All Coffee break
14:10-14:30 Celia van Gelder Knowledge dissemination with BioWise
14:30-15:30 All Discussion, plans for 2012
  • prioritize our tasks
  • work on new sequencer/datatypes, e.g. PacBio
15:30-15:40 Johan den Dunnen Summary


  • Victor Guryev (Hubrecht)
  • Leon Mei (NBIC)
  • Wilfred van IJcken (ErasmusMC)
  • Rutger Brouwer (ErasmusMC)
  • Johan den Dunnen (LUMC)
  • Jeroen Laros (LUMC)
  • Kai Ye (LUMC)
  • Jan van Haarst (WUR)
  • Jan-Peter Nap (WUR)
  • Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
  • Rob Hooft (NBIC)
  • Jan-Willem Boiten (CTMM/TraIT)
  • Jeroen Belien (CTMM/TraIT)
  • Terry Vrijenhoek (Centre of Genome Diagnosis)
  • Antoine Janssen (KeyGene)
  • Marc van Driel (NBIC)
  • Morris Swertz (UMCG)
  • Andrew Stubbs (EMC)