NGS Meeting on 19-3-2010

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Time & Location

9:00-10:30, 19 March 2010

Hojel City Center, gebouw D (5th floor)

Graadt van Roggenweg 340

3531 AH Utrecht


Time slot Responsible Subject
9:00-9:15 Leon Mei NGS updates
9:15-9:45 Frans Ruzius Genome alignment tools evaluation framework and planning
9:45-10:15 Jan van Haarst (ill) De novo assembly tools evaluation framework and planning
10:15-10:30 Leon Mei Update from participants & parking lot


  • Leon Mei
  • Frans Ruzius
  • Freerk van Dijk
  • Wil Koetsier
  • Rutger Brouwer


  • Due to the NGS course in LUMC and other conflict agendas, we had only 5 participants. However the discussion was nice and cozy.
  • Rutger is preparing a survey in Google doc on visualization related questions. The survey will be sent via BioAssist email list soon.
  • Frans presented updates on the evaluation of alignment tools. He is preparing a survey as well.
  • Freerk van Dijk and Wil Koetsier are working on their graduation assignments in the group of Morris Swertz. Freerk can contribute into the development of NBIC Galaxy server. Wil will look into the possibility of using and integrating Taverna for the NGS tasks.
  • Leon presented the progress of de novo assembly evaluation task. Jan is busy on this.
  • Matt integrated his GAPSS tools/pipelines into Galaxy server. He will present this during NBIC conference. This will be used as a show-case pipeline to explain how NBIC Galaxy can support biologists to execute their tasks easier.
  • Pieter Neerincx and Barbera van Schaik proposed a way to load Galaxy module and its tool configuration file from gForge repository into Galaxy server easier. They shared their thought with Galaxy development team and the response is very positive. Leon will follow this up.
  • Leon, Dmitry and Pieter Neerincx agreed to coordinate in the further NGS and Proteomics meetings to set up joint Galaxy development discussions.