NBIC Galaxy meeting 2012-5-21

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Time & Location

  • LUMC, room R1, 14:00-16:00


Time slot Responsible Subject
14:00-14:10 Leon introduction of cloud UI
14:10-14:30 Mattias NIOO Galaxy@cloud: VM layout, OS/tool/data image
  • can data image be resized dynamically?
    • not at run-time, stop first, and add new data image.
  • what is the reasonable starting datadisk size for NBIC Galaxy?
14:30-15:00 Leon cloud migration plans, what need to be done
  • Installation, with Mattias
    • dynamic DNS
    • auto-scaling worker nodes (for computation)
      • works now!!!
      • But sometimes, the communication between worker and master failed. => Cloud team? Mattias, Niek
    • adding fs still needs to be done manually.
      • NFS should be the solution. => Cloud team? David, Niek
    • public IPs for worker nodes (required by cloudMan)
      • need a proxy server at master node.
    • David, Leon, Mattias (32 hours)
  • Galaxy test framework
    • should (8 hours), Leon
  • Connection to UCSC browser (visualization of bed files.)
    • must (2 hours), Ishtiaq, David
  • SurfConext log-ins
    • Ishtiaq, David (8hours)
  • galaxy machine update/management
    • Leon will move the tickets to trac
    • Leon will create a dump of packages at a separate wiki page.
    • Niek will check with the cloud team how much support they can provide here.
  • downloadable VM
    • for later
  • backups, security agreement@cloud (=> get input from Tom/Niek)
    • best effort SLA for cloud. We should refer to that in the Galaxy SLA. Leon
    • nothing is backup yet on cloud. Will be backup in future. David, Niek
    • continue the discussion later. David, Niek, Jeroen. Niek will check the plan from cloud team.
  • Reorganize tool panel? (Leon)
    • Jeroen, Martijn will make a proposal.
15:00-15:10 all tea break
15:10-15:30 David admin policy
  • installing tools, libraries, reference data files
    • David will new proposal for the cloud system.
  • PK based SSH access
    • done by cloud release.
    • David will check the IP range of Dutch university, AMCs.
  • Maintenance cycle and procedure
15:30-16:00 Leon Planning (identify all APs and two people on each AP)
  • Ultimate deadline: August 1st
  • available time from everyone
  • what do we need from cloud support team?
    • VM OS, lib update
    • galaxy machine update/management?
    • downloadable VM?
    • Surfcontext log-ins
  • use sara-cloud's issue tracker to monitor the progress


  • Jeroen
  • Mattias
  • David
  • Niek
  • Leon
  • Martijn
  • Ishtiaq
  • Pieter (absent)