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metAlign is a data pre-processing software tool widely used within PRI and RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen UR for converting RAW data into compatible/usable data. It has wide range of features including alignment, peak-picking and baseline corrections.

metAlign software tool is Windows based application developed by Arjen Lommen.

MetAlign can be downloaded and installed on local Windows machines.

In the Powerpoint that comes with the software the different features are explained including how peaks intensities are calculated.

Intermidate format(s) used within metAlign is netCDF and a binary format called .raw

MetAlign does not store RAW data.

MetAlign output can be converted back into Vendor specific formats to open/view/use in the original software of the measurement platform.


The problems with Metalign output is:

i. it still has lot of redundant data

ii. there are some missing values

Therefore the tools like METOT and MSClust are further used for processing metAlign output.

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