List of tools considered by the BioAssist Engineering Team

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This will be a list of the tools that have been submitted to the BioAssist Engineering Team, describing the acceptation and prioritization criteria.

Micro Array Copy Number Variations (RT#27)

  • This is not yet finished and published. On the waiting list.


Functional Annotations of Micro Array Data (RT#30)

  • Not a finished tool. On the waiting list.

ANNI (RT#124)

  • Submitted for professionalization by CET. Satisfies all criteria except open-source. Under negotiation.

Lab study Framework (RT#142)

  • Under evaluation

Particle Profiler (RT#449)

  • TNO is discussing what they want to do internally

FGWeb (RT#450)

  • Has been accepted and is being worked on.

Pindel (RT#509)

  • Has been accepted and is being worked on.