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  1. Subversion client
  2. Apache Maven-2.2.1 or above. Howto
  3. Internet connection (needed by maven to download dependencies)
  4. JRE 6 and above

Checkout Project


  1. Check out the project. Base directory is the folder that contains the pom.xml and "api", "client" and "web" folders.
  2. Configure your maven repositories by adding the repository in the current profile.
  3. Execute the following command in the base directory.
    mvn compile
  4. Maven will automatically download the required dependencies.

Generate Eclipse project files

  1. Execute the following command in the base folder.
    mvn eclipse:eclipse
If using the latest version of the eclipse WTP package or eclipse JEE version run the command in the base folder.
 mvn -Dwtpversion=2.0 eclipse:eclipse 
  1. This will create 3 eclipse projects.
  2. Import the projects into eclipse by using Import->Existing Projects Into Workspace->point to base directory.

Generating .war file

  1. Execute the following command and a "conceptlinker.war" file will be generated in the ${base_folder}/web/target folder.
    mvn clean compile package
  2. Deploy this war file in any servlet container e.g. Tomcat Jetty and change the configurations mentioned below.

H2 database

  1. The project uses an embedded instance of the H2 database.
  2. The DDL statements to create the table structure are defined in "h2_db_ddl.sql" located in the "/web/src/main/webapp/db" folder.
  3. A sample database with pre created table structure but no data is enclosed in the "/web/src/main/webapp/db" folder with the file name "db.h2.db".


  1. Basic configuration properties file "/web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/"
  2. Change the "ONTOLOGY DATABASE PROPERTIES" to point to a valid MySQL database instance containing the peregrine database ontology.
  3. Change the "linker.jdbc.url" to point to a valid H2 database.
  4. Advanced configuration via XML file "/web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/WebAppContext.xml"