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A graphical user interface for the conversion of MS/MS spectra and peptide identifications into PrideXML.


These are the files generated by the Mascot search engine which contain the spectra and peptide identifications.


  • pride-xml files.

These files are ready to be submitted to the pride website: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/pride/

How to start the program?

  • Use the batch file to start the program.
  • Edit the content according to your own settings.

How to connect the program to a local version of the pride database?

  • Download the pride-core from the pride -code repository:


  • download: pride-core-2.5.4.zip

directory: \RDBMS - containing instructions for building the database.

file: src\main\resources\repository-database.xml

Before compiling, change the variables in this file into your own environmental settings.