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Our wish-wiki for myExperiment and BioCatalogue

Please add your wishes for myExperiment on this wiki page. Also include your wishes for BioCatalogue, the curated web services registry that is being built by the myExperiment team, myGrid and EBI. Our wishes have a big influence on what myExperiment and BioCatalogue will deliver for us.

Demo e-science technologies

This movie shows one way of how e-Science technologies can be applied to perform BioInformatics. It encompasses web services, (Taverna) workflows and the scientific community portal myExperiment. It was made for the NBIC-on-Workflows workshop at the BioRange consortium meeting in Lunteren, March 2008.

e-Science support

There are various ways to get help on adopting an e-science approach for doing bioinformatics. For information about e-science support go to the e-Science Support page or join the bioassist-users mailing list here. Also go here if you have wishes for how some of the e-Science technologies should be improved. Your involvement is a critical factor for developers.