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This webpage is no longer maintained and only here for archive purposes. Please refer to https://trac.nbic.nl/gscf and http://dbnp.org for up to date information on this project.

The dbNP project's software is open source. Software developers who would like to contribute will find it useful to first familiarize themselves with the overall structure of the project. To that end, a list of dbNP's features should help finding those parts of dbNP matching the potential contributor's interest best.

The dbNP is organized in modules. A functional overview of dbNP's modules is available on the wiki. The modules are maintained in individual sub projects that supply additional information and provide version-controlled repositories for the software sources, test servers, and additional material. The software repositories are world readable. The dbNP community encourages developers to access these repositories and contribute to the ongoing project. We note, that committing changes to the sources into the repositories requires registration.

Developers may discuss the implementation of features on the feature implementation page.

Currently, the best place to start developing is the Generic Study Capturing Module GSCF. We note that a quick-start guide is available for this sub project.

Modules currently under development