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A number of examples for CytoscapeRPC have been provided in the CytoscapeRPC svn under scripts. A brief description is given here.

  • script to load sif, noa and eda files into Cytoscape.
  • a script which load a number of nodes and saves different view to file. It changes the node color, shape and selection. Use the included command to turn the image files into a movie.
  • a script to test the speed with which networks can be created in Cytoscape using CytoscapeRPC.
  • a demo script for perl, creates nodes, performs a layout and sets some vizmappers.
  • php.php: a small script demonstrating how CytoscapeRPC can be used from PHP.
  • script which creates the graphics used in a poster on CytoscapeRPC.
  • script which shows an example of how to set positions using CytoscapeRPC.
  • R_example.r: script which shows some basic functionality in R.
  • random network generator.