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Comparison of triple stores by the following criteria:

  1. Available interfaces for different programming languages
  2. Scalability
  3. Performance
  4. Implemented W3C standards (e.g. SPARQL)
  5. Quality of code
  6. Licence/possibility to collaborate on development
  7. Availability of time stamping/history/versioning/branching
  8. Availability of reliability marks/origin of a triple
  9. Availability of references/annotations
  10. Possibility for persistent UUID-like identifiers
  11. Ability to deal with numeric values and number ranges
  12. Disambiguation and "superclasses"

Note from Dmitry Katsubo:

The requirements of versioning, origin, annotations and UUID are application-specific and cannot be addressed by universal triple stores. In particular:

  • Versioning/branching needs considerable design and efforts
  • Origin of the triple I understand as "author". This is just an additional triple _:node1 cwa:createdBy _:node2; _:node2 rdf:subClassOf cwa:author
  • Adding of annotations: can be achieved with additional triples
  • UUID-like identifiers: can be associated with nodes with additional triples

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