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Two week assignment BioWise Information Management Course 2009

The two-week assignment is to be executed in small teams. The project proposal must be just detailed enough to understand the overall idea (not a lifetime achievement).

Week 1

You write a mini project proposal for one of the information management tasks below

  • One-page executive summary and up to 3 pages of explanation, including a draft drawing (1/2 A4).
The proposal minimally consists of:
  1. Overall objective(s)
  2. General approach, where possible divided in clear steps
  3. Planning (tasks, who is doing what, timing)
  4. List of reusable components (deliverable)
  • You choose one or a small selection of the steps or components
  • To work out in more detail in the proposal
  • To create a prototype for
  • DEADLINE for submitting the proposal: Thursday June 4th
  • Friday June 5: Evaluation of project plan

Week 2

  • Create a prototype implementation
  • Log your actions and decisions
  • Prepare a demo and/or presentation for a minisymposium on June the 12th
  • Overall approach (from project plan)
  • Implementation
  • Successes/failures/lessons learned


The team's effort is evaluated by a committee of experts

  • among the criteria are
  • What was achieved compared to what was estimated?
  • Team work
  • Reuse and reusability

NB: the attempt and the way the project was handled is more important then the actual result. The best team wins a fabulous prize

Information management tasks

These are examples/suggestions/teasers, if you are a lecturer: please add/alter your own; we suggest that you take one of the information management issues that you have addressed in the past and strip your approach towards solving it from the title/description

  1. Enabling comparative research on the ENCODE genome annotations stored at UCSC
  2. Biobanking (Morris?)
  3. Huntington/Neurogenerative disease (Scott/HCLS?)
  4. Trypanosomiasis (Katy/Paul?)
  5. Notification of gene mutations for doctors and genome researchers (Roos/Mons?)