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In order to access the NBIC Google sites make sure you have a Google account or a GMail account. The NBIC administrator will grant you access on the basis of an email address. If you have a GMail or Google account which you prefer to use, you should contact the administrator of the page. You can also create a Google account in the process described below.

As an example look at the figure below:


Note that below the first textfield the domain is used. This means that if the email address which you use to enter the site ends with you can use the textfields. If not, you should use the link Aanmelden onder een ander account/Log in with another account.

Supposing your email address does not end with, after clicking the link you should see another login box, now for entering a Google account. The screen will look like the following figure:


If your email address is linked to a Google or Gmail account, you can login and enter the site.

If your email address is not linked to a Google account you should use the link Nu een account maken (Create a Google account). You can use any email address for this. Of course you only have to do this once. With the Google account you can login and enter the NBIC Google site.

Note that the administrator of the NBIC Google site grants you access on the basis of one of your email addresses. Please contact this person when things are not clear.